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How and why does InfoTrack Exchange conduct background checks on Trackers?

As part of our commitment to high standards in the process serving industry and protecting all community members, we're constantly evaluating how we can promote safety within our marketplace.

InfoTrack Exchange conducts a secure background check on all applicants before granting new Trackers access to the marketplace.

How and when does InfoTrack Exchange conduct background checks?
InfoTrack Exchange uses Checkr as its third-party service to conduct secure background checks on all Trackers.

To help protect the safety and integrity of the marketplace, we conduct background checks during the initial application process (see How do I sign up to become a Tracker). We may also conduct secure background checks at periodic intervals in the future.

What information is contained in the background check?
The background check verifies your identity via a Social Security Number (SSN) trace and returns a complete criminal history search of national and county records.

What does Consider mean?
A status of "Consider" means that your background check is complete, but contains some information that we will need to consider before proceeding with your application, typically these are criminal records. Generally, we're on the lookout for serious criminal offenses, rather than minor infractions.

Where can I get help and support using Checkr?
Information and answers to frequently asked questions about the Checkr platform are available at

Updated on: 08/02/2023

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